Cash Version 2

General Information

Cash2 is a new cryptocurrency similar to cash

Cash2 Cash
Hard to Counterfeit
Easy to Transact
Usable Online
Limited Supply

Mining Information

Mining Pools

Recommended Hardware
Innosilicon S11
Bitmain Antminer A3
Bitmain APW7 Power Supply

3rd Party Mining Calculator

Contact Us

Paul Aphivantrakul


Bisq Exchange


Cash2 Wallet

Windows x64 GUI Version 4.1.1

macOS x64 GUI Version 4.1.1

Ubuntu x64 GUI Version 4.1

Cash2 Command Line Wallet

Windows x64 Version 4.1

macOS x64 Version 4.1

Ubuntu x64 Version 4.1

Blockchain Files

To speed up blockchain synchronization, please copy this cash2 folder into

Must first run cash2d

Run simplewallet to check balance or to send money

Technical Details

Goals fast, free, fungible
Max Supply 15,000,000
Transaction Fee 0
Block Time 9 seconds
Code Family CryptoNote
Hashing Algorithm BLAKE2b
Block Reward 0.894069671 or less

Paper Wallet


Spend private key


View private key


Please keep private keys safe

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What is Cash2?

Cash2 is a new cryptocurrency with all the useful properties of cash but with added beneficial features.
The goal is for Cash2 to become a mainstream digital money used for day-to-day purchases.

Is Cash2 a Scam?

No. Cash2 does not have a premine, and everyone has an equal opportunity to mine, buy, and sell Cash2.

How Can I Mine Cash2?

The Innosilicon S11 and Antminer A3 by Bitmain are recommended for mining Cash2.
Please check out our YouTube channel for help with mining.

How Can I Buy / Sell Cash2?

Bisq Exchange

Is Cash2 a Privacy Coin?

No. Cash2 provides only a basic level of privacy for improved fungibility.
The focus of Cash2 is towards becoming a mainstream digital money and not towards absolute privacy.

Why does Cash2 use BLAKE2b instead of Cryptonight?

Fast block times requires a fast hashing algorithm, and BLAKE2b is one of the fastest algorithms available.